An Anniversary, A Giveaway, and A Strawberry Tart

On the eve of the anniversary of Darjeeling Dreams, I was not sure where life would take me. When I started blogging, I had graduated with my second degree. Somewhere in the future, another degree awaited (and still awaits) me. After writing because I had to – papers and theses – I wanted to write because I wanted to. And I needed a little journal, a place to catalog my favorite photographs and photographers, a small memory book of things I did not want to forget. I soon began to add recipes, because a blog seemed like a nice, tidy way to record them. And those aspects – writing for the joy of it, challenging myself with new recipes, and my budding interest in photography – coalesced into this blog.
I enjoy whole experience of blogging, which is why I want to continue blogging. And since I am sharing my dessert making adventures, I am forced to continue experimenting and making new things. So I’ve stopped making meyer lemon shortbread every week, and discovered how very much I love tarts. As for the photography, it’s a work in progress. But if you go back to the beginning, you’ll see the very first photograph I took (Earl Grey cupcakes). I have a photography journal of my efforts, right from beginning. Sort of nifty, right?

To celebrate, I am going to leave you with a simple and simply delicious strawberry tart. It is definitely the easiest tart I have featured here – the crust comes together quickly, the pastry cream takes no more than 10 minutes over the stove top, and slicing strawberries is the most time-consuming step.

Strawberry Tart
1 10-inch tart crust (see HERE)
2  baskets of strawberries, preferably Chandler or Seascape
Pastry Cream:
1 cup whole milk
4 egg yolks
1/4 cup sugar, sliced
3 tbsp cornstarch
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp vanilla (optional)
Prepare/bake tart shell.
While tart shell cools, prepare pastry cream. Pour milk into a heavy medium saucepan, and bring to a simmer. In a medium bowl, combine yolks, sugar, salt, vanilla (if using). Slowly pour hot milk by 1/4 cupfuls into yolk mixture, and whisk mixture while pouring. Use a spatula to get all of the mixture into the pot. Heat over medium heat, while alternatively whisking and scraping the bottom of the pot. Heat until the mixture just begins to bubble, or until it is very thick. Allow it to cool thoroughly before spreading evenly over tart shell.
Layer strawberries in desired pattern over the pastry cream. You may sprinkle a bit of sugar over the strawberries if they are not sweet enough. Slice and serve.

And now the tea and cookies giveaway. I got the idea for what to give away from a few of my dearest friends on Twitter. I have discovered it is a very nice way to connect and get to know each other. And because of this, I am allotting extra entries if you follow me on Twitter.
The giveaway includes:
-a copy of Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies, by Alice Medrich.
-a batch of Fleur d’Oranger Biscotti OR Milk Bar’s Blueberries and Cream Cookies (winner can choose)
-a package of Fukamushi Sencha
For each entry, please leave a separate comment. There are three ways to enter:
-leave a comment telling me you’d like to enter
-follow DarjeelingDream on Twitter
-Tweet the following: I entered the tea and cookies giveaway on Darjeeling Dreams {} @DarjeelingDream
Sorry, since this giveaway includes food items, it is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. The giveaway ends at midnight, Tuesday June 7.

  1. Treats made by you will be an amazing surprise for the winner and I would love to be entered in your giveaway. But I am so very, very pleased to know that you will continue with your blog. Every one of us who is a blogger knows how much it takes to keep one going. But you do truly amaze me with your excellent writing and beautiful photography of your inventive recipes!! I have often wondered how you do it all, but I am beyond pleased to learn that it will all continue! Happy Anniversary, Dear Joyti! May you continue to find creative fulfillment in your little corner of the Blogosphere!


  2. joyti, congratulations! some don’t agree but i believe with all my heart that the connections we make through blogging are as real as the ones we make in person. i’m grateful you chose to continue blogging long enough for me to discover and fall in love with your site. your photos are some of the best i see, and i find it hard to believe you haven’t been doing this forever! happy anniversary!

  3. hearty congrats joyti ! I do sincerely wish you many more heart warming moments & milestones ! ur dessert recipes & pictures always keep me hooked – may your creative endeavours continue forever !

  4. I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year! I love your site, and am glad you’ve continued to maintain it. What a luscious looking tart; glad you’ve expanded past shortbread because all of your recipes are incredible!!!

  5. i’d love to enter… would be a dream to win!

  6. Mari,

    Congratulations!!! Great tart, it looks lovely :)

  7. Vivienne,

    congrats :) im glad that you are continuing with this lovely site and that your recipes/photos are an inspiration to me too! totally agree with what you said in this post…i do second guess every post that i write too…but i still to it..just coz i wanted to :) happy anniversary!

  8. marissa,

    this is such a delicious giveaway! i would love to win!

  9. marissa,

    following you on twitter too! :)

  10. Happy Blogaversary, dear! Wishing you many more to come and also congrats on your @nd degree graduation. You should be proud of yourself cause you’ve been working very hard. And this strawberry pie just perfect for the celebration. All the best!
    Best wishes,

  11. Rita,

    Happy 1 year anniversary. I am happy you chose to start a blog because you wanted to write about something you love; I totally undestand what you are talking about. Keep posting ; I love reading you.

  12. Congratulations! Your blog is one that I’m truly happy to have found. This strawberry tart looks simply fantastic.

  13. i often go through these types of blog evaluations. so glad you continued on!

  14. Tina,

    Lecker Torte! Yummy Cake!

  15. I’m so glad you started blogging. Happy Anniversary, my dear! Here’s to many many more beautiful food posts from you. And this strawberry tart is perfect for what’s in season right now! And I would love to be entered into your giveaway.

  16. agirl,

    Happy anniversary! And I’m ever so glad this blog will carry on. I rarely comment, but your posts always make my day a little sweeter.

  17. Maja,

    I wanna jump into it!

    <3 Maja

  18. Melynda,

    Beautiful tart! I love it when strawberries are red, all the way to the core! Congratulations on you anniversary!

  19. Michelle,

    Yum the strawberry tart looks delicious Joyti.I would love to enter thanks..

  20. Happy blog anniversary!!

    Beautiful, colorful fruit tart!!

  21. Susan,

    Congratulations! I’m happy you’ve decided to continue with your blog – it’s so lovely. You have a real talent for photography.

    I would love to enter your giveaway contest!

  22. Annapet,

    Happy Blog Anniversary, Joyti! Oh, my, this is such a treat, and right in season, too!

    Let me spread the word…

  23. Great! “commenting here” and following on Twit! So fun!
    My “Another Recipe Blog” is at its first baby steps – better photos, fresh food ect.
    Love your blog, love the photos, hope you keep rolling on because its something you love!

  24. Happy Anniversary! I am not eligible for the giveaway, so you can disregard this comment for the draw… I just wanted to wish you and say the strawberry art is gorgeous! You’re right – blogging is really awesome… Keep ’em coming!

  25. yaay for your 2 yrs 0f blogging…i just completed 2 yrs on 29th :)
    now if only i was somewhere in the US..sigh :)

  26. I can’t believe that you’ve only blogged for a year… you are so good at it! The photos have always been fabulous and so have the desserts! Looking forward to see more beautiful treats from you Joyti!

  27. Maria,

    What a beautiful strawberry tart! It would look lovely on my vintage strawberry tablecloth!
    What a sweet giveaway too!
    *happy Memorial Day*

  28. Congratulations Jyoti!!!! I found your blog on it’s birthday :)
    BEAUTIFUL blog and BRILLIANT photography!
    following you eight away… not for the giveaway (I am in India!) but for the recipes :)

  29. Poohkie,

    Many congratulations on your blog anniversary!!I hope you continue this for many more years.

  30. Congrats on staying with your blog, it’s one of my favorite reads, and I do know how hard it is to stay with it–when I first started I never dreamed I’d be celebrating a 6 year anniversary (coming up soon!).

    I do adore a strawberry tart so hoping to make that soon! Fingers crossed for the tea and cookies giveaway–yum! :)
    xo Mary Jo

  31. Karen,

    Congrats, Joyti! Love the simplicity of your beautiful strawberry tart. Pastry cream and ripe berries…mmmmmm. :-)

  32. this giveaway is amazing! i’d really love to try some of your tasty treats.:) happy anniversary!

  33. First of all, Brava to you, Joyti. It has been a pleasure to follow your journey through your beautiful dessert-centric blog. The strawberry tart is perfect for right now, while local berries are still (yet fleeting!) here. Best wishes on continuing to blog–we all know how challenging it can be, at times, to keep on.

  34. Priya,

    Congrats, happy anniversary to ur blog baby,tart looks stunning and fabulous..

  35. I’ll opt out of the giveaway because I have that book by the fabulous Alice Medrich :) Very generous giveaway and a very Happy Blogaversary, but I wanted to comment and say how tempting that strawberry tart looks. Simply amazing! And I agree with you that it’s nice to write what you like :) And we are all enjoying what you post!

  36. The tart looks sooooo yummy! congrats on the blogging milestone! x

  37. Greg,

    Gorgeous tart and congrats on almost a year.

  38. Signe,

    Happy anniversary and I hope that you will keep going for many more! And a lovely giveaway, wish I could enter :)

    Hugs and a happy new week to you!

  39. Vardhini,

    Happy anniversay .. thanks for stopping by my blog. Strawberry tart looks awesome.


  40. Happy anniversary to your lovely blog. I am glad you will be continuing. I am loving all the delicious strawberries out right now and this tart is calling to me!

  41. What an absolutely gorgeous tart! I am the same way with my blog, it’s so nice to have an outlet to write whenever and whatever you’d like. Happy anniversary to your blog–so glad you’re continuing. I love everything you make, and your photography is always spectacular!

  42. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, we’ve enjoyed it immensely. Happy Blogaversary!

  43. I always fing such happiness in this space ~ beautiful thoughts, delicious offerings, and lovely images! Congratulations on your ‘ anniversary’!

  44. your blog is gorgeous and you seem to have an amazing following. congratulations :)

  45. Happy Anniversary! This tart looks amazing :)

  46. Kara,

    I’ve always wanted to make a tart.. this one with strawberries looks so good and perfect for summer!

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  47. I was just thinking of this tart today… but with frangipane! I follow you on twitter, thanks!

  48. I’d like to enter the Alice Medrich cookbook giveaway!

  49. divya,

    congats….looks awesome…

  50. tamara,

    mm this looks absolutely delicious, but i’ve come to expect as much on your lovely blog.

    so happy to hear you are enjoying blogging as much as i enjoy reading. i very much relate to the feeling of putting my small self out there in a vast internet.

    i’m so excited to enter your giveaway, and if i was on twitter i’d definitely be following along there too.


  51. Pamela,

    I can’t believe you second guess every post you write! They are wonderful and i look forward to them eveytime. I love your photos as well and really enjoy your writing!
    Please continue it’s so much fun having you here!
    Pamela xo

  52. I’d like to enter, for sure! That strawberry tart looks delicious. I’ve been obsessed with strawberries as of late.

  53. Congrats! Your photos are lovely!

    larkspurpurple (at)

  54. Foodie,

    ooh! tea and cookies? I’m in! :)

  55. muppy,

    This tart looks perfect :) What a lovely giveaway, so nice of you. I don’t live in the US but i will still find you on twitter now!

  56. Congratulations Jyoti!!You have a beautiful blog and keep up the good work.Here’s to one year!!! Love that piece of wood and how strawberries pop out on against the background.I have developed affection for tarts lately so this is on my list for sure!

  57. Ameena,

    Congratulations! I’m so glad that you are planning to continue your blog…your photos and recipes are beautiful and delicious. You have an amazing talent!!

  58. that tart looks absolutely heavenly!
    I definitely want to enter this lovely little giveaway : )

  59. and I’m following on twitter now to : )

  60. Anna A.,

    Yay you are on twitter now! I am a follower (well, duh!). Congrats on your blogiversary and keep up the good work.

  61. denise,

    I follow you on Twitter (@deniselao)

  62. Happy Anniversary!

    What a luscious strawberry tart :D

  63. Swathi,

    Happy anniversary, beautiful strawberry tart . Nice giveaway .

  64. Anna,

    Happy Anniversary, I’m glad you stuck with it. That tart looks so pretty, I can’t wait till berry season around here, but with the crazy weather we get here I don’t know what the local farms will churn out. Sigh. Great giveaway too, will you be baking the said cookies?

  65. Julia,

    Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog. It’s an interesting feeling isn’t it to be able to see what you’ve achieved. Oh, and that strawberry tart looks great, too. :)

  66. Deepti,

    Congrats India Tea on ur Blog Anniversary….

    unfortunately I’m not in US/Canada…So no entry for the giveaway….

    BTW Loved the simple n colorful strawberry Tart

  67. kimbirdy,

    woohoo! i’m so excited about what you decided to give away for your anniversary! this is one of the best giveaways i’ve seen in blogland, fitting of the lovely gal behind it. :)

  68. kimbirdy,

    and i’m definitely already following you on twitter.

  69. Happy blog anniversary!!! This tart looks so divine, luscious & sexy!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  70. yasmeen,


    be confident in your ability to inspire others. your recipes, stories and photography always inspire me (and make me hungry)!

  71. what a beautiful tart! happy anniversary :)

  72. Happy 1 year anniversary! The tart looks absolutely wonderful. Beautiful presentation as usual.

  73. wetdog,

    I haven’t been on here for a while due to my decision to be vegan (which isn’t exactly easy when you salivate over tarts every day), but I still remember your amazing berry cake, and the spicy gingersnaps. :) Anyways, I would love to win (although I would give the cookies to my brother).

  74. Cookies!!! Sign me up! Ken

  75. Patzie,

    Happy anniversary :) I love love the strawberry tart <3

  76. keishua,

    congrats! your blogs is lovely and your writing is wonderful. I’m so glad for you. I am following on twitter, too.

  77. happy anniversary! this pie is so beautiful!

  78. Jamie,

    Congratulations on an amazing milestone!!! Your blog is one of my favorite little places in blog-land.

  79. Aparna E.,

    Yay for sticking with the blog! I absolutely love reading your piece of Interweb space (^_^) Awesome giveaway too!

  80. Aparna E.,

    I’m following you on Twitter! I’m notaleaf :)

  81. Maria,

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! What a beautiful cake to celebrate with!

  82. Happy blog birthday! What a generous way to celebrate!

  83. Following you on twitter @ohmydarlingblog

  84. Congratulations! Sharing a strawberry tart is such a wonderful way to celebrate;-) If it ever stops raining I might try to save my cherries, thanks for the suggestion;-)
    Good luck with your giveaway, it really is a generous one!

  85. What a wonderful way to celebrate your blog anniversary-I must tell you, I’m just so delighted every time I visit, and I’m thrilled that you’ve kept writing!

  86. Lyndsey,

    I like hearing stories of blog beginnings. It is nice to know That I am not the only one that second guesses herself on recipes and photos that you post. Congrats on your blog anniversary.

    This tart is beautiful, and it looks like it would taste awesome! Nice and juicy strawberries.

  87. Hazel,

    Happy Anniversary! What a perfect strawberry tart!

  88. What a gorgeous tart! I love the contrast of the red strawberries against the rustic dark wood backdrop. I bet it tastes amazing, too. :)

  89. wetdog,

    oh, and I forgot. The tart is awesome! I made it with almond cream instead of regular, and it had a kind of homey, but interesting taste.

  90. Raina,

    Congratulations and happy anniversary! You have a wonderful blog. No need to second guess yourself (though, I do it too) your posts, photos, and writing are excellent. I really enjoy your blog and your beautiful recipes.

    The strawberry tart is gorgeous and sounds delicious.

    What a great giveaway! Very kind of you. I would love it. My favorite things, cookbooks, tea, and cookies:)

    Sorry, I am not on Twitter. I know it is hard to believe. I am a little behind on

  91. Jess,

    I just started following and am thrilled that you are going to continue with your blog. The strawberry tart looks amazing. I can’t wait to try out the recipe for myself.

  92. Congratulations Joyti for your anniversity and your strawberries tart is amazing! Great photo as well.

  93. First of all, that dessert looks divine!
    Second, what a fabulous giveaway! Following you on twitter!

  94. Oh and happy anniversary for the bloggity!! So glad I found it!
    I tweeted!!

  95. congrats!!! i’d love to enter this fab giveaway!!

  96. i follow you on twitter (@sandyalamode)!


  97. Dear Joyti
    Congrats!! I enjoyed , as usual, the great write up too.
    Have a nice day

  98. Happy Anniversary, so glad you decided not to give up on blogging! I know I would miss your posts, you’ve got a beautiful site and such incredible talent.

  99. Elisa,

    wow,(how did you get 1000 readers in a year?)that shows you that like many of your readers, I really enjoy stopping by and seeing your recipes/photos and reading a little bit about yourself. you should be very proud of your little space. Happy Anniversary!

  100. Happy Anniversary! This is a stunning tart and glad that you did not give up on your blog…you have a beautiful and inspirational blog :)

  101. I would love to enter the giveaway! I have found your devotion to interesting desserts inspiring, and have enjoyed your own pure photography and the favorite photography of others that you’ve shared with us. Oh, and I think of you whenever I drink Darjeeling tea!

  102. “Being able to write, and to write as you want, is lovely.” — I couldn’t agree more. I am glad you chose to continue.

    I’d love to taste the Fleur d’Oranger Biscotti.

  103. Euniece,

    i adore reading your blog, and am glad you have stuck with keeping it! your pictures are fanastic and your posts are so lovely to read, not to mention all of your treats you make cause my mouth to water! happy anniversary! and i’d love to enter!!

  104. Euniece,

    i’m following you on twitter!

  105. Euniece,

    and i just tweeted :) xo

  106. we’re so thankful that you share these recipes! this looks absolutely delicious – i want a piece!

    thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  107. Juliana,

    Happy Anniversary Joyti :-) The strawberry tart looks great, love how you layer the strawberries, so pretty…and sure count me in.
    Hope you are having a great week!

  108. It was a sweet
    day for me when
    I discovered your
    blog : ) I remember
    that you were
    featuring a recipe
    that included lavender.
    I am very sentimental
    about strawberry pie.
    When I was in college
    and living alone in
    the dorm one summer,
    my mom came to visit
    and we bought a strawberry
    pie. We brought it
    and two forks back to
    my room and sat on
    the floor, talking
    and laughing and ate
    that whole pie! I
    can’t wait until the
    local berries are
    wonderful and I can
    try this. Thank
    you for being part
    of my bloggy world!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Love the giveaway!

  109. Congratulations on the anniversary! That tart just LOOKS like summer :). We finally have local NJ strawberries here so I can’t wait to give it a shot.

    And I would love to enter the giveaway!

  110. Happy anniversary! Love the tart recipe and what a wonderful and creative giveaway! I’d love to be entered :)

    Keep up the amazing work! xoxo

  111. Abby,

    Would like to enter!

  112. Rhian,

    Yummy! I’d love to win!

  113. Rhian,

    I (@JASIVRAS) am a follower on Twitter!

  114. Congratulations on your Anniversary and your blog is one that I love to come and look at all the wonderful recipes and photographs.
    I appreciate all the hard work you put into each post, thank you.
    The strawberry tart looks divine and some lucky winner is going to be happy with all the delectable treats.

    Happy week

  115. lisa,

    Congratulations!!! I for one (of many!!), am truly so glad you are here. I went back to your 2010 post… you are amazing!!!

  116. Happy birthday/anniversary! Love the look of this tart, and I love that the strawberries are neither baked nor glazed. Fresh strawberries are the BEST!!

  117. unbelievable, outstanding achievement for just one year of blogging – hats off and the strawberry tart is looks beast!

  118. Nikki,

    Happy anniversary! I must try that strawberry tart…just in time for summer! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments.

  119. I am very happy that you kept your wonderful blog going :) Every visit is a treat!

  120. Gracey,

    Yay happy anniversary! That strawberry tart looks soooo delicious. I’d love to enter!

  121. Penelope,

    Happy anniversary!

    Thanks for commenting on my post. The presentation of your tart is absolutely beautiful. Looks really delicious!

  122. Lydia,

    I think that must be the most beautiful strawberry tart i have ever seen!

    Happy anniversary


  123. Congratulation Joyti and happy blog Anniversary, i have always admired ur pic and ur desserts! wishes for more delicious and visual treat years

  124. Oh that strawberry tart is utter perfection. Congratulations to you!

  125. Congrats !!! you are doing an amazing job here!!!

  126. Congratulations Joyti and the tart looks amazing.

  127. Susan,

    First of all, congratulations on the anniversary and thank you for all your wonderfully written and photographed posts. It’s been fun to see how you have developed as the year has progressed! That’s half the fun of blogging … seeing how we all change and morph as our skills develop and our vision of our blogs continue to coalesce (if that’s the right word). Second, you’ve voiced the inner thoughts of many a blogger in your angst over posting, photographing, etc …we DO put ourselves out there and it is somewhat of a naked feeling, wondering if someone, anyone cares to read and respond or better yet … duplicate a recipe that we offer. Keep at it as long as it is a passion for you. You’re very good … I hope you know that.

  128. Gloria,

    Dear congrats by you Blog anniversary, is a beautiful and delicious blog, I really enjoyed always is a pleasure look the pictures and the recipes, I love this adorable strawberruy tart! gloria

  129. LyddieGal,

    First of all, that tart looks gorgeous. A tart is one thing I have made that has come out pretty beautifully.

    secondly, yes, i follow – please enter me!

    Chic on the Cheap

  130. Congratulations and happy anniversary! I adore your blog. Your stories, recipe and pictures are truly a delight. This tart is the perfect way to celebrate :)
    Heidi xo

  131. so happy you’re continuing your beautiful blog. but so sad i cant enter the giveaway because im now in india!

  132. As you know from my comments I leave on nearly every post, I love your blog and the way you write so creatively and poetically about food and the way you cook and what connects you to cooking. Your blog is wonderful and I am so happy to be apart of it!

    This tart looks absolutely heavenly. I am such a sucker for fruit…and a sucker for pastry…so I think this is just my thing! Maybe I’ll have my baker sister make it for me ;)

    Happy weekend to you, my darling! I hope the creative juices keep flowing and that you will continue blogging, for I so enjoy your blog! :)


  133. P.S.-I am absolutely positively entering the giveaway! That book looks fantastic…as do those delicious desserts♥

    I’ll be tweeting!

  134. I’m so glad you’ll be continuing, Joyti! Each one of your posts, photos, recipes is a testament to your sweet personality and talent. It’s been wonderful to “meet” you and I hope one day we’ll meet face to face.

  135. naomi,

    Happy Blog-a-versary! I’m happy to hear you will be continuing. I love your creative recipes, wonderful flavor pairings, and of course, I LOVE your photography!

    Cheers to another year for Darjeeling Dreams!

  136. Catherine,

    This is a beautiful strawberry tart. I would love to try it. Congratulations on the one year anniversary. I wish you many more happy blogging years. I do agree that the blogging world is filled with lovely, kind and talented people.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. I hope that you will visit again. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. Catherine

  137. Tammy,

    Firstly, happy anniversary!!! :) Yay!
    I would absolutely be thrilled to enter your giveaway!!!


  138. Tammy,

    I am following you on twitter! :)

  139. Tammy,

    I also just retweeted this giveaway on my twitter page!

    Have a glorious weekend!


  140. Catherine,

    I am also entering your giveaway and would like to let you know that I am your newest follower on Twitter…blessings, Catherine

  141. Catherine,

    I am just letting you know that I also tweeted about your giveway as well! Have a very blessed weekend, Catherine.


  143. Congrats Joyti..happy blog anniversary..i am amazed by the number of comments you get..mine is 169th comment i guess and i had to scroll down a lot to post my comment..hehe.. ;).Great going dear..
    The Strawberry tart looks great…very yummy..

  144. Happy belated Anniversary!

    That tart is magnificent and looks so droolworthy!

    Great giveaway.



  145. I’d not like, but *love*, to enter the giveaway! Terrific tart, as well.



  146. Look at all the entries! Congratulations on one year and good luck moving forward. I know you’ll rock it out!

  147. Lizzy,

    Stunning tart! I’m dying to try your recipe :)

  148. Lizzy,

    I’m following you on Twitter~

  149. Lizzy,

    I tweeted your generous giveaway!

  150. StephieB,

    Congrats on a year of blogging and what a great prize – I wish I lived closer:)

    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment. Your photos are just beautiful. I am not into cooking (but I do love eating!) at all but I think I could be persuaded to try some of your recipes – champagne cupcakes – right up my ally!

    Have a lovely weekend and I am glad that are going to keep blogging. It is really great to have your own personal journal space, isn’t it?

    Stephie x

    PS Herriott Grace is wonderful. I bought a cloud cookie cutter and framed the recipe download as a gift for my sister. Very nice!

  151. Congratulations on your anniversary! I’d love to enter your giveaway, please.

  152. mia xara,

    Happy Anniversary! What a refreshing way to celebrate with this strawberry tart!! Wish you many more anniversaries to follow and more yummy recipes!XO

  153. That strawberry tart looks amazing! In a way I feel the same about blogging. I started just for me, but after time it has become so much more than just for me I feel like.

  154. kankana,

    Happy Anniversary dear. I love your blog and all your recipes are just to beautiful and is your writing. :)

  155. the strawberry tart has a stunning red! And i think you just put how i feel about blogging in words.. Though i hardly have the time now… Keep blogging! :)

  156. megi,

    Happy Anniversary, I love your blog and really enjoy reading your posts. The tart looks absolutely perfect!

  157. While I’m printing out your delicious sounding and looking recipe I just want to say that your blog is one of the most beautiful around, your photography outstanding and the recipes always an inspiration… HAPPY BLOG-ANNIVERSARY! To many more years to come!

  158. Pixie,

    Oh you cake Goddess you!

  159. allyn,

    happy writing anniversary! needless to say i’m a huge fan of your stories + your desserts. i’m so gald we connected this way. hoping for many more years of baking!

    p.s. wonderful giveaway!

  160. allyn,

    i do follow you on twitter !

  161. wow that looks delicious, and it’s strawberry season too, I gotta try that out!

  162. Hazel,

    I’d like to enter please! Sounds like a wonderful giveaway :)

    If I had Twitter I would follow you, but I am restraining myself from being addicted to yet another website!

  163. Congratulations on ur blog your blog, recipes and ofcourse the photos..I am so happy to be apart of it..wishing you many more years of fun blogging…keep rocking!
    Strawberry tart looks lovely!

  164. Debs,

    Just spent the last few weeks reading through your blog and trying out some of your recipes. They are truly delicious. Your blog is a lot of fun to read so don’t second guess yourself. I’m looking forward to another year of fantastic recipes and whimsical photos.

  165. Jen,

    Happy blogoversary! I love your blog and am excited about the giveaway.

  166. Jen,

    I follow you on Twitter (I’m @jencess)!

  167. Jackie,

    Wow, this tart is to die for! I love meeting fellow food bloggers from the bay area and your pictures and writing are wonderful to boot!

  168. Wow..You are such a talented photographer and this strawberry tart looks uber gorgeous and I could stare at it for hours together !! Congratulations on the milestone and keep going..

  169. I enjoyed browsing through your blog and wanted to tell you i would like to see more posts. You are doing great!

  170. Mike,

    I once spilled a bunch of juice on my mom’s recipes. She wasn’t too happy about it.

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