Whole Wheat Honey Tea Cake

This is just a quick little note, because I have been busy preparing for the next chapter of my life, but also because I really must share this little cake with you. Its good enough to become my ‘go-to’ cake. Simple, flavorful, quick, and it keeps really well. It might even be a bit healthy because it has whole wheat flour and honey. Or so I’ll tell myself next time I make and eat half of it.
This cake is similar to the Miette honey tea cake, but its more substantial. The butter and cream keep it luscious, and there’s a lovely nutty element from the whole wheat. There’s only 1/3 the amount of sugar that the Miette recipe calls for, and it bakes up nicely – gorgeously actually, all fluffy. It would go well with almost any fruit, jam, or compote, and toasted leftover slices would make a lovely breakfast.

Whole Wheat + Honey Tea Cake
1/2 cup AP flour
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tsp sea salt
1/4 cup sugar
3 egg yolks
1 large egg
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup (1 stick) + 3 tbsp butter, softened
Honey syrup (from Miette recipe)
3 tbsp honey
1 tbsp water
Preheat oven to 350°F. Generously butter and flour (grease) a 7.5/8 x 3.5/4 loaf pan.
In a medium bowl, combine flours, cornstarch, sea salt. Whisk in sugar
In another smaller bowl, combine egg yolks, egg, and heavy cream.
Whip butter until it is paler in color. Slowly whip in the dry ingredients. Whisk in the wet mixture, and whisk for 2 minutes (electric/stand mixer) or 3-4 (hand whisking). Pour batter into prepared pan.
Bake for approximately 25-30 minutes. Make Miette’s honey syrup while it bakes. After removing from oven, poke a few small holes into the loaf using a toothpick. Pour about a tablespoon of the honey mixture over the cake, and allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes.

Pour 2 tablespoon of mixture slowly over the cake, making sure the honey syrup absorbs. Allow it to cool for another 5 minutes. Turn cake over, and pour the remaining syrup over the cake. Serve with blackberries or other fruit, or a berry compote made of frozen berries if berries are not in season.

Some lovelies for you:
~ Too pretty to eat off of.
~ Original idea for sweet treats.
~ Great idea for a party…or a lazy afternoon.

  1. Ah Jyoti! So good to see a cake with whole wheat flour. Lately I have been experimenting with whole wheat flour but the results have been not so great. Bookmarking this.

  2. Prathibha,

    very delicious cake and that too with wheat flour..sounds delicious..:)

  3. Carina,

    Yum looks delicious! I’ve been wanting to use more whole wheat flour.

    xx Carina

  4. Oh, delicious! I absolutely love the styling and the simplicity of it all. Love!

  5. Thank you. I’ve always been too timid to try wholemeal flour in baking. You’ve encouraged me to reconsider. This cake looks beautiful in your photo and the more natural the better, so I will be more mindful of it!

  6. Jean,

    this is the kind of cake i would want on my table after seeing too much of those heavy fanciful sweets. something simple yet satisfying :)

  7. Would love to have that slice of wholewheat cake, Joyti!

  8. Rachana,

    That slice of cake would be just perfect with my cuppa now :-)

  9. Belly B,

    OOooOOOHHHH that looks SOOO DELICIOUS. I am definitely going to try this out!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :D

    Belly B :)

  10. It's me,


  11. i adore honey cake, and any cake that works as a ‘tea’ cake.
    i’m on the look out for one that has zero sugar in it, except for the honey.
    i wonder if i could omit the sugar from this recipe? it isn’t much.

    what does the cornstarch do?

  12. This is a great cake and I love to eat lots of this. Looks so delishh!
    Congrats! You have won some awards! Please come and collect the same from my recent blog post!

  13. kiki,

    As always: it Looks delicious!!
    Have a nice Day,

  14. I do believe that this is a delicious cake. Very often, after all the fancy options, the simple and no frills options are still the best.

  15. Sissi,

    Thanks you for this wonderful, versatile recipe! I always appreciate whole wheat recipes.

  16. Signe,

    Yum, this looks tasty :)


  17. Love me some tea cakes and these look delicious. The honey with the whole wheat gives it a nice texture and moistness! Beautiful pictures

  18. Peachie,

    I seem to be only baking banana cake recently so this is definitely a great new healthy alternative! and Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  19. Your recipes and photos are so simple, yet divine. This looks lovely.

  20. divya,

    Wow!!!! looks very delicious and soft.

  21. I love adding some whole wheat flour to cookies and cakes. It sounds delicious here with the honey. This is a lovely snack cake!

  22. This cake sounds delicious. And, I love your food styling!

  23. I need to start using whole wheat flour too. Delicious looking cake. I love the honey in there :)

  24. Anna A.,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the taste of texture of whole wheat – I love adding it to every day sweets. Good work here and good luck preparing for the next chapter of your life :-)

  25. This is one of those rare cakes which is healthy as well as tasty. Loved the use of honey in the cake. Great recipe joyti :)

  26. Suja,

    Delicious cake,using whole wheat sounds healthy

  27. Cat,

    Oh my goodness … this sounds so delicious! I adore sweet cakes {they are my foodie weakness for sure!}

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  28. kaitlyn,

    i love it that you used whole wheat for this. it looks delicious, as always.


  29. This sounds perfect for summer {actually any time of year}. I think I’m actually going to make it this week. Thank you for the inspiration!

    xo Mary Jo

  30. Hi Joyti! I have to admit that I don’t use enough whole wheat flour. Kids need to get used to it for healthier living! Your honey tea cake looks simple and delicious! Good luck with your new chapter of your life!

  31. kimbirdy,

    so i actually came over to your blog this morning to look up some recipes. we’re taking an anniversary trip mid-september, staying in a cabin in the woods up in pt. reyes. right now i’m planning food that we can take with us to the cabin which is both easy to make ahead of time and also really romantic {dannon thinks i’m crazy for planning this far in advanced, but i’m too excited to wait}. what perfect timing! this loaf was exactly the kind of yummy breakfast food i was hoping to find. i knew i’d find everything i’d need here. thanks! :)

  32. Your blog and photo’s are incredibly gorgeous, wow. Glad to have found it through your comment. Your recipes look delicious, I’ll sure bookmark them.

  33. Seem like you can read my mind. Earlier today I was thinking about honey tea cake and there it is now! Beautiful. Good luck with what’s coming ahead in your life.

  34. Rita,

    What a perfect loaf; like you I prefer to bake with whole wheat flour. I think it is healthier and it tastes so much better.

  35. Jamie,

    Yum – and I love that its made with whole wheat

  36. This is so sublime, and perfect for a busy afternoon!

  37. Wholewheat and honey sound rustic and healthy, I’d love to have one on a lazy afternoon.

  38. muppy,

    Sounds lovely with honey!

  39. tamara,

    mm looks divine as usual. we ran out of whole wheat flour not long ago and this is just the inspiration i needed to restock.

  40. I always just adore your photos! They’re so airy and dainty and sweet.
    This sounds like such a delicious “fluffy” cake as you called it!
    I love how baking is such a ritual for yourself…it’s simply grand!


  41. LyddieGal,

    I never thought tasty and healthy could both exist in a cake, but i’ll certainly take your word for it.

    Chic on the Cheap

  42. Best of luck with the next step of your life. Agree with working in whole wheat flour, better for you. The only thing missing is an invite for some honey tea cake.


  43. I am always nervous about substituting whole wheat for A.P. flour in my favorite recipes, and so I love finding dessert recipes made with whole wheat :) That picture is just beautiful :) Great post, Joyti!

  44. I love the texture of whole wheat flour so the taste and texture of this cake must be really good! Gosh, your photos are really PERFECT! Even that dollop of cream is so well put together. Fantastic!

  45. What a lovely cake…perfect that you used whole wheat flour, beautiful!

  46. This is a beautiful bread to go with coffee or tea.
    Thank You.

  47. I want to – but havent been able to bake successfully with whole wheat till now-the taste always falls flat in front of AP flour ones – I m going to try this one coz it has honey & I LOVE the picture with blackberries- So beautiful!

  48. Ambika,

    Love this blog, first time here! Yummilicious recipes, and sheer eye-candy… following you now. Must try out some of your recipes!

  49. Monet,

    I love using whole wheat flour too. Thank you for sharing such a delectable treat! I hope you had a great Monday, my friend, and I hope you have an even better week. Hugs from Austin.

  50. Bext wishes for your next chapter of your life! No doubt that it would still include your passion for food :)

    This tea cake and a heap of butter= my kinda day.

  51. Looks great! I really want to try this ‘honey syrup over a cake’ thingy! Sounds so good :)

  52. love that its made with whole wheat. and with those blackberries i think it would be a perfect breakfast. excited to hear more about the next chapter of your life as well :) fingers crossed theres a cookbook and bakery involved.

  53. This looks lovely; I’ve been looking for a good honey cake recipe for awhile – will definitely try this on the weekend!

    Andrea x

  54. Delicious, healthy & divine!!!! Perfect tea party cake :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  55. Lovely recipe and the honey syrup would be divine, yumm…

  56. Joanne,

    I absolutely adore the simplicity of this cake! And that you’ve adapted it to make it whole wheat. So delicious!

  57. Arti,

    Delicious and mouth watering…
    And healthy too!!!
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)
    My Yatra Diary…

  58. another great post with beautiful pics and great recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  59. good luck with all the planning… nice that you are looking for alternative to your recipes… it makes it much more fun!

  60. joyti, good luck on the next phase of your charmed life! and thank you for the recipe. i think this is easy enough even for me to make. in fact, i’ve decided that the next thing i’m baking will come from your archives. :)

  61. these are simply divine…thanx for dropping by

  62. lisa,

    This would be so perfect for breakfast or lunch. It sounds wonderful.
    I made the scones last weekend, and I cannot describe just how delicious I (and everyone who had some!) thought they were. Thank you once again for sharing so much talent here.

  63. Anna,

    That sounds like a lovely recipe! I need to start using whole wheat flour more too. Not to mention it’d be a great way to put a dent in all my jams. Very pretty.

  64. Juliana,

    You cake looks delicious, love the idea of whole wheat and honey…
    Hope you are having a fantastic week Joyti :-)

  65. I’m always excited about trying another ‘go-to’ cake. This one looks lovely.

  66. tori,

    So beautiful. I love whole wheat flour (somehow eating it I convince myself that cake is then good).

  67. Annapet,

    Well, if this is your go-to cake, I am definitely following it with precision!

    Thanks for sharing, Joyti. You NEVER disappoint.

  68. Koko,

    Joyti, what a beautiful picture once again! I love that this recipe uses part whole wheat flour. If it’s your new go-to, it must be GREAT!

  69. Amy,

    This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes with us.

  70. Sonia,

    Hi There, This is looking absolutely delightful. Loved the new combo of ingredients and the recipe is so nicely made and presented. Saving this recipe of urs and wud love to give ur version a try on the coming weekend. Have a great day….Sonia !!!

  71. Raina,

    This sounds just perfect and delicious! I like that you added the whole wheat:)

  72. Your lovely cake sounds so satisfying with the whole wheat flour and honey syrup, just wonderful!

  73. Foodiva,

    This cake reminds me that I’ve got to use whole wheat more in my baked goodies, at least I can feel better about eating so much of them! Thanks also for sharing the links at the end, I checked them out and now I’m inspired.

  74. I love replacing a portion of white flour with whole wheat in breads and muffins. That tea cake looks fantastic!

  75. You make my life sweeter. I mean that both figuratively and literally. :)

  76. I have not experimented much with whole wheat but I am trying to include more fiber in my diet, this is a great way to do it and having your sweet!

  77. Seriously? This sounds delish! :) Times like this I wish my hubby was a cooking guru because I’d LOVE to have one of these for breakfast or on a weekend.

  78. Gloria,

    Look beauty and delicious like always!! LOL

  79. The cake looks very soft and light in texture. I must use more wholegrain in my baking too.

  80. Lisa H.,

    I love your photos… always look inviting, neat and in order…
    I dont mind a slice of this yummmm :D

  81. This cake looks so good and with the whole wheat flour, will be better for ones health.
    What a wonderful combination with the blackberries.
    Wishing you all the best, for the next chapter of your life.


  82. what a wonderful and simple cake :) looks so yummy.

  83. Joyti, I love how you are tweaking all your recipes with a healthier slant–I really do need to incorporate more whole wheat into the things that I bake–if possible. Thanks for the inspiration.

    A simple “go-to” cake is indeed a must, especially with your big life changes on the near horizon.

  84. Pia,

    Hi Joyti, I’m in love with your blog. There’s such a visual calm about your space. It’s simple, it’s beautiful – just like the words and recipes. I’m glad I found it. I have beautiful memories of Darjeeling, so the name hit home too.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  85. Faith,

    What a pretty, flavorful cake. I love how it’s like a blank canvas just waiting for some fruit or honey!

  86. Such lovely bake! I love bakign with whole wheat flour as well. Thanks for sharing.

  87. Victoria,

    I love a nice and simple tea cake like this that can be dressed up or down with other accompaniments if desired. Honey is my favorite sweetener :)

  88. love your revision…it’s always nice to have a healthier treat option.:) it looks and sounds lovely!

  89. In white crockery that cute and lovely healthy tea cake looks so sweet..thanks for your nice words in my blog.

  90. Juanita,

    Everyone should have a go-to cake recipe I think!

    How cool are those pieces of Caroline Swift bone china crockery? I don’t think I’ve ever seen plates and bowls that thin before!

    Great plating and photos as per usual…very visually appealing. Nicely done.

    P.S. Thanks so much for your cool comment about my cupcake pincushion tutorial. Prettier than an edible one = high praise indeed :-)

  91. Alessandra,

    Thank you for the recipe. I also would like to use more wholewheat, I do sometimes but not as often as I would like to. How are you finding the changes?


  92. what a perfect combination!

  93. Lyndsey,

    I like cakes with out frosting, and serving this with fruit sounds perfect. Good to know a reliable go-to cake recipe. I wonder if a non-baker like myself could do it justice!

  94. Ann,

    Oh that looks yummy!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Hmmm… I think I’ll love that for breakfast served with fresh juice and fresh fruits.

  95. Joyti, I’m on a similar conversion mission, and I love the sound of this cake. The method’s really interesting too- how you add the dry ingredients to the butter first, and then the wet, and THEN beat it some more. I wonder if all the whipping activates the gluten enough to make the wholewheat flour part less ‘heavy’? Will have a go and see for myself. Although, I’m away from home at the moment and without a beater… ah, the exercise is good for me!

  96. Much appreciation for this post. I thought your post is very interesting. I look forward to discover others in future.

  97. Candace,

    I love simple cakes like this. So beautifully delicious!

  98. This cake looks lovely. I have never used whole wheat in baking but like the sound of eating something healthy(ish) and delicious!

  99. Krystal,

    that sounds so perfect :)

  100. Another lovely recipe :) whole wheat is so yummy, it’s great that you’re using it in your recipes. And that’s exciting about law school, congrats!

  101. A simply delicious cake. This one calls for coffee and good freinds to share it.

  102. Hannah,

    What a gorgeous, pillow-y soft crumb! Sounds like a wonderful cake that could go with anything too, from berries to ice cream. Like the little black dress of desserts. :)

  103. kankana,

    I never used whole wheat in a cake .. but this sounds good and I should give a try :)

  104. lovely recipe, sounds great, bookmarked it..

  105. StephieB,

    Looks delish – my kind of cake – nothing too fancy, just nice and simple. Hope your preparations are going well.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Stephie x

  106. Patzie,

    ah this looks easy. I shall try baking this next time :) thanks for sharing the simple recipe :)

  107. keishua,

    yummy and healthy. what more could we ask for. I hope all is well for you.

  108. I am with you on the whole wheat conversion. I find that it works in pretty much any recipe — so why not make the switch?

  109. Maria,

    Such a gorgeous cake – whole wheat makes it even more tempting!

  110. Thts picture perfect… the cake sounds great esp. since its made with whole wheat flour!

  111. Kala,

    Looks and sounds delicious!

  112. Hi sweet J ~
    This sounds lovely.
    Just home from the
    most gorgeous place,
    Bend Oregon. {Home
    to WA state, that is.}
    Off to visit colleges
    tomorrow. Maybe my
    mom can make this for
    us when we get back.
    The boysenberries
    are amazing here right
    now and would be perfect
    with this cake : )
    Hope you are well and
    looking forward to the
    next chapter!
    xx Suzanne

  113. This looks like a great cake. When I was ten or so, I used to bake cakes all the time. Perhaps in the fall I’ll start baking for friends!

  114. Margaux,

    such a simple and pretty set up

  115. M D,

    Love the whole wheat in it. Love honey. That makes it perfect for me. Pass me some please!

  116. Joanna,

    Lovely! I’m going to try this recipe today!

  117. Dolly,

    love the presentation..

    mmmh… honey my favourite!!!

  118. Good luck with this next coming chapter in your life!
    Thanks for sharing yet another sweet sweet recipe!

  119. Manju,

    I just simply adore that picture..very minimmalist yet conveys what it needs to. Good luck with whatever you are hoping to accomplish in the next chapter of your life :)

  120. Absolutely gorgeous as always Joyti! And good luck with your start– I’ll be in the same boat rootin’ for ya!

  121. Jen,

    YUM! I have no willpower, so I know I’d cut myself a slice 3x that big, haha. Looks delicious!

    And best of luck!

  122. Arti,

    Looks mouth watering… The pic makes me hungry!!
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)

  123. I love biscuits and these look absolutely delicious!! I am truly amazed at the delights you whip up ;) Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  124. caroline,

    i’m so going to make that one! thank you for the recipe!

  125. Karen,

    Looks most delicious, Joyti! I’d love to be over for tea at your house – you are always making such delicious treats. :-)

  126. I love this golden colour! And well…, whole wheat and honey are healthy ingredients, aren’t they? So it is a healthy cake :-D

  127. IN the last week, I have actually learned a lot about honey, and I have gone from liking it, to absolutely loving it. I have such a great appreciation for it now and am excited to see this beautiful cake.
    *kisses* HH

  128. Lately I’ve been trying to substitute as much as possible AP flour with whole wheat. Love its nutty flavor.
    This cake makes the perfect accompaniment to my tea break in the afternoon. Fresh fruits, delicious cake, hot tea and a great book – perfect!

  129. That looks absolutely AMAZING and so delicious! I’m going to go buy all the ingredients right now :)

  130. I’m excited for you to start law school — hope you love it! This cake looks gorgeous, and love the addition of nutritious whole wheat flour :)

  131. Taj Acosta,

    ohh this would go perfect with the tea I am drinking now! xo -Taj

  132. this looks so pretty :) love the flavor combo:) cant wait to try this recipe out soon.

  133. Oooh this is exactly what I could do with at this moment! Yummy!!

  134. danica,

    sound delicious as always. good luck for the start of law school!

  135. Recently had been a trip to Norway got a chance to flip thro few Norwegian cook books, honey cake was one of them, had noted then down which wa made form flour may be i would jazz that recipe with urs, look just so simple and nice and good wishes for new chapter of ur life!

  136. mia xara,

    So simple,and yet so flavorful,Joyti!I would love it served with mixed berries!XO

  137. Debs,

    I’m late to your blog this entry. But better late than never. I love this cake. I’ve printed out the recipe and it’s gorgeous. And so easy to make. It’s a great one to have up your sleeve when hubby and daughter declare at 9pm on a Saturday night that it’s time for cake! Good luck with your new challenge. Law school wow!

  138. What a simply gorgeous cake. I love how delightful the dollop of cream and fresh blackberries look. I love cakes like this are so versatile and simply delicious. I would really love to bake this sometime.
    Thanks for sharing a sweet post. Come check out my newly launched blog! Xoxoxoxox. Have a blissful weekend!

  139. Oh, it looks so yummy! Thank you for sharing that recipe, I shall have to try it sometime. Your blog is captivating, mind taking a look at mine when the chance occurs? Have a day filled with magic. xxxxx

  140. Hoping all is well.
    Imagine you are VERY
    busy with law school
    and a new routine.
    Thinking of you!
    xx Suzanne

  141. Malli,

    If it is healthy and falls under the ‘dessert’ category…. then it has to be my kind of food:)

  142. Geni,

    What a delightful spongy tea cake. I would love to sit and have some now. Gorgeous photos, very artistic.

  143. sangeeta,

    I can smell the flavors :)
    Would love to have it with any fresh fruit coulis , such a simple recipe for a luscious healthy cake.

  144. Just a beautiful cake! Thanks for the inspiration, it’s been a while since I’ve baked a cake :)
    Heidi xo
    p.s. not sure what this next chapter is but I hope it’s all you wish for and more.

  145. Arti,

    Just thought of you and visited, hope you are well. Looking forward to your new posts:)
    Have a fabulous sunday:)

  146. Fé...,

    I can never say no to sweet treats. Thanks for sharing the yummy recipe.

  147. Becca,

    aw, whole wheat and honey! such a lovely combination.

    I love your recipes and your photos.

  148. Anonymous,

    Thankis for sharing. It does look delicious and sophisticated. Hi, this is Munir over here at Focus. I will have my hands on that recipe:)

  149. saket,

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  150. Melanie,

    What a cute cake slice! And the blackberries are such a nice touch!

  151. You know, I’m totally coming over for tea and cake, my dear… :) Let them eat cake!!

  152. HI – love your site, and your photos are so beautiful ! Love your recipes too! Thanks…

  153. yum yum
    have to try it, but im not the best pastry cook :)
    take a look at my new blog:) thanx

  154. i like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out tastingspot.com. it’s for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies.

  155. Margot,

    This tea cake sounds delicious, wouldn’t mind some now with my tea ! :)

  156. that sounds fantastic that you are looking at this healthy alternative…

  157. Arti,

    Are you on a blogging break. Missing your fabulous recipes. Hope everything is fine at your end.

  158. Catherine,

    This cake sounds wonderful, Blessings, Catherine

  159. Raj,

    it’s yamiee recipe.thanx for sharing.

  160. Everything always looks so simple, yet so divine!!

  161. Looks wonderful! I enjoy whole wheat or a mix of flours in baked goods…aside from healthier I like the textures :) Great recipe!

  162. Mmmm….sounds goood! And looks so delightful! As always, beautiful presentation!!


  163. Gorgeous recipe! I love whole wheat flour and this combination sounds deliciously good :) Have a lovely day!

  164. sandy,

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  165. Sounds so delicious and comforting!

  166. I’ve never heard of Whole Wheat Honey Tea Cake before but I absolutely want to make this as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing this recipe.. I love it

  167. Jones,

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  168. Hema,

    A great match with a cup of tea..

  169. Sonam,

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  170. Nupur,

    What a neat, clean and friendly Blog space you have . So inviting, yet so simple.. am hooked !!

    So glad to follow you now, looking forward to sruf through the whole blog tonight ;)

  171. parfums,

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  173. Anonymous,

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  174. This is a lovely recipe.
    Have a merry Christmas.

  175. Man Van,


    I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

    Man and Van Woking

  176. Mike,

    Does the cake really taste like honey?

  177. Hi Joyti! you share a wonderful space, a unique one. thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment.

  178. So delicious and tempting the cake looks.

    Following you now.

  179. Jyoti: it’s so nice to have a “go-to-cake”. Mine has yogurt and lemon zest and olive oil… and then I customize it as needed. But it’s my “base”. Yours looks lovely.

  180. Ooh I want to make your jam cake! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am totally in love with yours!

  181. I really want to make your jam cake! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am totally in love with yours!!

  182. kate,

    Wow cake looks delicious and tempting. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe.

  183. sangeeta,

    Lovely recipe. Makes a go to cake for sure.

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