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    Intermittent (full rotation)
    YPL6320-6 uv PS version of the rotary press
    PS version of intermittent rotary pressYPL6320-6UV

    Technical characteristics:

    1.The whole control system adopts JAPAN & have spent YASKAWA microcomputer bus control and the latest operating system, stable material right, quick, convenient and simple operation.
    2.USES the high quality of PS version of offset printing unit, road system, has the good ink printing quality greatly improved, the printing precision and clarity is letterpress printing machine can not be achieved.
    3.Without shaft rotation: each unit unit by independent servo motor drive, the whole machine were used 14 servo motor (six color machine) and twelve step motor, for the machine in high speed, high precision alignment provides a guarantee.
    4.Positioning system: just printed on the console input length, each printing unit will be automatically moved to the pre-set position, in adjusting the set on time greatly reduces the waste of time and materials.
    5.Alignment system: each printing unit to adjust the movement of the horizontal and vertical are independent control. Using static surface monitoring (standard), can adjust the print non-stop on the master station of horizontal and vertical alignment, effectively improve the quality of the print and capacity.
    6.Large printing area is 300 * 350 mm, maximum circumference of up to 350 mm. Using high-precision computer photoelectric tracking device can guarantee the positive and negative repetition overprint, increasing diversification of trademark printing.
    7.Each printing unit have on-off device without printing unit can run out of the stop, convenient operation increase the service life of the machine.
    8.Machine optional sex is strong: options light oil glazing unit, round knife die cutting unit. In order to print more bright beautiful, light oil can make all local glazing glazing and glazing unit, the user can according to need to add. Circular knife die cutting unit of die cutting roller adopts magnetic roller, free replacement, processing different products only need to replace the flexible die cutting knife, make a complete printing, die cutting, simple operation, low cost, high practicability.
    9.Rich content man-machine dialogue, all-round display interface, make the operation more simple, all kinds of fault signal real-time display, troubleshoot and repair time shortens greatly.
    10.The machine adopts the PS version of intermittent printing (drum offset), very suitable in the printing, small batch and large quantities of high-end labels, is the printing factory printing high-grade stickers trademark the ideal model.


    The main technical parameters:



    Printing speed:



    Printing color number:



    Printing a maximum length:



    The walk is expected to maximum width:



    Max printing width



    Put a roll diameter:



    The winding diameter:



    Power source:



    total power:

    35kw(Do not contain UV)


    The host dimension:



    Machine weight: