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    Machine Maintenance

    Matters needing attention:

    1、Equipment place to keep the natural ventilation and a comfortable temperature. (about 20 & deg; C is preferred)。

    2、Power supply side should have good grounding protection device, conditional can do repeat grounding protection。

    3、It is forbidden to fuck machine untrained staff。

    4、Printing machine are not allowed to stop suddenly, in the process of high-speed operation should slow down after downtime。

    5、At work, printing tools (e.g., wrench) shall not be placed on the printing platform, to prevent the printing roller damage。

    6、Filling machine is common: printing head copper set of 6; Die cutting copper set of 8; Single joint bearing 6; The brake 1; Linear slide rail oil hole half year note butter 1 times; Take the ink inside the gear a needle roller bearing should be oil once half a year.

    7、Machine speed reducer need to two years in a oil, getter pump inside the sponge cleaning once a year。

    8、Synchronous belt are not allowed to be filling lubricating oil。

    9、It is forbidden to place the hands on the die-cutting, printing plate, in order to prevent accidents。

    10、The machine roller will only be used offset printing ink resin, such as using UV ink can be in the company in addition to place an order for UV glue roller。


    Maintenance items:

    1、Company warranty for one year, the printer for lifelong maintenance。

    2、Equipment under the condition of the normal use, the company to host one year free maintenance。

    3、Rubber roller is not in the scope of warranty。

    4、A year after the company implements the reasonable paid services, such as the need to replace accessories, cost and corresponding charge。

    5、Warranty all the damaged parts, must I company engineers to confirm whether caused by normal use, such as improper use, the client shall pay the accessories of the minimum value.