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    Company Introduction

    Yantai dongya printing machinery co., LTD., yantai fushan district,
    Is committed to be label printing industry leader.

    Center is located in yantai fushan district of yantai city northeast printing machinery co., LTD., was formally established in 1996, it was the traffic condition and quick information transmission for the rapid development of dongya company, provides a reliable guarantee.


    My company after years of research and practice, developed a YBQ4210 type round flat printing machine series, no matter from the press process, function, or print quality, have reached the international leading level, and in 2000, approved by the state Patent Office for patent products.


    Quality is the life of the enterprise, talent is the assurance of quality. In order to make the company's products in the domestic and foreign markets in an impregnable position for a long time, and enjoy high reputation, our company has all kinds of senior technicians and a batch of professional staff, we sincerely provide customers with fast, thoughtful installation, commissioning, repair service, training, one-stop service.


    In order to adapt to the continuous development of society and the demands for high quality products, our company is still in & quot; Keep improving, pushing new & quot; As a strategy for the development of new products, make the company's products more on a new step, smoothly integrating with the international advanced technology level.


    Companies adhering to the & quot; Customer first, quality first, service first, good faith for the & quot; Business philosophy, and seek common development with customers, finally achieve the goal of improve themselves and improve market competitiveness. Choose dongya printing machinery will be your the choice of no regrets.


    Welcome the masses of customers to patronize!