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    The economic crisis makes printing outsourcing, multi-channel marketing heats up
    Source:Date:2013-09-10 17:53:52

    With the deepening of the economic crisis, many companies outsource their printing and multi-channel marketing service as the lifeline of its own.


    When was the document solutions company responsible for the UK and Ireland market general manager Mike Gordon (Mike Gordon) recently said in an interview with PrintWeek over the past three months the company to undertake printing outsourcing orders, there is an obvious growth.


    He said when the current economic environment, the company as a precious opportunity, because there are a lot of customers and potential customers are looking for the opportunity to outsourcing.


    Michael Gordon said: "many companies are now integrating independent service before together, in order to provide customers with a large and diverse services solution."


    "Customers also hope to through a closed circuit solution to comprehensive management of the communication with customers. Suppliers have to be able to manage those elements, and organically integrate them together."


    Can only see in Banks and public utilities before transactional mail service now also gradually extended to medical field, and for outsourcing and personalized printing service provides a good opportunity of development.


    Gordon believes that traditional printing management mode have been towards recession, the it market is also shrinking, will eventually quit the stage of history.


    He said: "we bought the invention of the printing management of the company, and will continue to be committed to the development of the service, the traditional service mode (shop around, choose the cheapest) lack of long-term growth potential, so we need to provide customers with more strategic outsourcing and value-added services."