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    Global printing market distribution of the latest data
    Source:Date:2013-09-10 17:54:42

    Global printing market is divided into three areas: the United States, Europe and Asia, all the accounts for one-third of global printing market. Published recently in the PRIMIR "global printing market survey report, the global printing market value is $610 billion, North America accounted for 32%, European 32%, Asia accounted for 28%, other area accounted for 8%. However, by 2011, global printing market will "east" : will account for 28% of North America, Europe will account for 31%, Asia accounted for 30%, 11%, other regions global printing market output value will reach $720 billion. The European market has two contrary trend: printing market in eastern Europe in the next five years of growth rate as high as 51%, while only 12% in Western Europe.


    From 2006 to 2011, the top 12 big printing market, you can see that China has overtaken Germany and the UK as the third largest printing market. However, by 2011, India will from 12th to 8th place. Another significant growth market is Indonesia. Indonesia has a population of 225 million people, the total print runs will amount to $2011 in 10 billion.


    12 strong global printing industry, the top 10 are developed countries. But the printing market in these countries have developed slowly since 2001, or even a recession. China's printing industry output value in 2006 has jumped to the third world.