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    Four color seal
    The basic configuration + PC + UV

    1、Approved in 2000 for the national patent products.\

    2、It is small in size (3050 & times; 1130 & times; 1580) light weight (2 t) and the single-phase 220 v power supply. Cover an area of an area small, energy conservation and environmental protection is a small business model of the ideal of self-adhesive printing.

    3、Advanced motor vector frequency conversion governor ensures the stability of the machines, low-speed and high-speed operation. Taiwan linear slide rail use the printing presses run to and fro in the printing precision is improved.

    4、Basic configuration (to be automatic feeding, four-color printing, peritoneum, die-cutting, exhaust, shear) optional UV drying machine, the punching mechanism (computer) control system, servo pull paper and hot stamping.

    5、Native cots and iron roller equipped with (2 root version by rubber roller, two ink roller transfer ink roller, 1), a total of 5 root rubber roller. 2 root steel roller ink (string) & ndash; & ndash; 39, 40, ф ф take mo iron roller 14 ф 2 root, root ф 16 iron roll by version 2.

    6、The original round flatten label printing machine (Japan), in the case of printing gear and rack and wear, reciprocating deviation increases, reciprocating deviation adjustment, but the machine printing under the condition of gear and rack and wear can be adjusted freely.

    7、Take the characteristics of the ink is to change the former single take ink, ink roller instead of plastic roller at both ends of a small iron roller can rotate, rotate at the same time after taking ink iron roller, to take the ink roller and take take out the ink ink iron roller hem at the same time distributing time first.

    8、Ink fountain used the sheet steel and separated, in each of the ink fountain is divided into several equal parts of the steel, each equal parts manual and separate ink amount, to adjust similar imported offset ink way.

    9、The machine in the process of printing, has greatly improved in the edition, printing roller adopts the double roller, roller of each color can be do 360 & deg; Rotation, and can make lateral movement 10 mm, this solves the repeat rip version, version of the trouble. The agency won the national patent. Patent no. : ZL 99 2 46553.2

    10、This machine can do the real bottom printing of large area, is because there are two version of rubber roller, by version of the ends of the rubber roller is equipped with 2 root by iron roller, his role is added 2 root version by rubber roller of ink, and play two times in every impression, is actually played four times in every impression, ensure the quality of the real bottom printing.

    11、Often waste a label printing machine in the debug a number of the length of the paper, the die cutting to the quality of the samples was observed, the machine is only in the case of printing a reciprocating can close observation the stand or fall of samples, thus greatly save the due to the version of the unnecessary waste.

    12、The machine USES line contact with the surface of printing work in a similar way to label making machine circle pressure circle, turn pressure small ink so as to achieve the real good printing effect. Such as: OPP transparent film, gold and silver polyester, PVC plastic all kinds of laser film, and the silver dragon, clothing trademark, etc., it can be applied to all kinds of paper rolls and other printing self-adhesive materials, the machine don't need a lot of ink and pressure, can print out the best effect.

    YBQ4210C   YBQ4260C   YBQ4310C
    Four color technology for refs   Four color technology for refs   Four color technology for refs
    In the paper width 210mm   In the paper width 260mm   In the paper width 310mm
    Printing area 200mm×100mm   Printing area 250mm×100mm   Printing area 300mm×100mm
    Printing speed 0-6500/h   Printing speed 0-6500/h   Printing speed 0-6500/h
    Overall dimensions 3550×1130×1580   Overall dimensions 3550×1130×1580   Overall dimensions 3550×1130×1580
    Electrical source AC220V   Electrical source AC220V   Electrical source AC220V
    Press the power 2.6KW   Press the power 2.6KW   Press the power 2.6KW
    UV power 3.6KW   UV power 3.6KW   UV power 3.6KW
    Heavy volume 2200kg   Heavy volume 2250kg   Heavy volume 2300kg
    Double color technology for refs   Double color technology for refs   Double color technology for refs
    Printing area 200mm×200mm   Printing area 250mm×200mm   Printing area 300mm×200mm