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    Intermittent (full rotation)
    YTL4320Z - 4 uv rotary press

    Technical performance:

      1. Main control system adopts foreign advanced offline controller, the system is stable and reliable, strong anti-interference system coaxial control printing color group。

      2. Embossing roller clutch fine-tuning structure adopts eccentric, friction power structure, control clutch pressure action fast, reliable and stable pressure,
                Trimming function to improve the precision of pressure adjustment causes the printing effect more perfect。

      3. High-speed series of ink and knead ink special ink road at low speed, effectively prevent the ink, and make more perfect printing quality;

      4.The bottom of the exclusive use of printing gun overall pressure device, can realize the version after the clean version do not need to adjust the pressure, effectively solved because of the pressure
               Changes made & have spent Branches off color and material waste;

      5.Each printing unit longitudinal, horizontal alignment have independent control。
            6. Special printing roller structure and aluminum cylinder adopts the structure of the three sets of activities, precision fit, sliding combination units
                High-speed operation with a lateral plate of the adjustment, ensure the printing precision, eliminates the past due to the bearing clearance。   
            7.Stand non-stop can adjust the left and right sides, heaven and earth, make overprint more quick and convenient。
         8.The above structure ensures that the machine for printing synthetic paper, thermal paper, PVC and other special materials, electrostatic membrane adaptability。
    \Independent power servo pull paper ensure paper precision

    Maximum width roll paper 280mm 320mm
    The maximum printing width 260mm 300mm
    The highest printing speed 200/min 200/min
    Printing color number 4-6color 4-6color
    Printing length (intermittent)mm 20-260 20-260
    (The whole cycle)mm 130-345 130-345
    Printing speedRPM/min 30-200  30-200
    The host power 18 18
    The UV lamp (KW/group) 4.8 4.8
    Host appearance size (length * width * height)mm 6500*2000*1600 8000X2000X1800
    Machine weight  (KG/color) 6500 8500