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    Intermittent (full rotation)
    YTL6320-6 uv rotary press

      With the rapid development of science and technology, the automation of printing has been greatly improved and developed. Automatic control technology, makes sophisticated printing process is simple and accurate, on the premise of guarantee the quality of printing, high speed, high efficiency of work is the main feature of today's printing machine, printing machine has the following application and production of our company:\

      Shaftless drive: the whole machine adopts JAPAN YASKAWA servo system, each unit cell are independent servo motor drive, provide machine in high speed, high precision alignment with assurance。

      Special printing roller structure: aluminum cylinder adopts the structure of the three sets of activities, precision, and sliding combination unit to operate at a high speed on the lateral plate of the adjustment, ensure the printing precision, eliminated over the past two group of beating structure due to the bearing clearance。

      Embossing roller clutch fine-tuning structure adopts eccentric, friction power structure, control clutch pressure action fast, reliable and stable pressure, trimming function enhances the precision of pressure adjustment to make the printing effect more perfect。

      High strength of the composite cast iron base, elegant appearance, high strength cast iron base for high speed and efficient printing provides a reliable guarantee

      Stand about adjustment:, non-stop can adjust the left and right sides, heaven and earth, make overprint more quick and convenient。

      Machine optional sex is strong, can the optional glazing oil unit, cold gold unit, unit, pressure die cutting unit, die cutting unit, discharge unit, cutting unit, unit and piled up paper receiver unit。

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    Name Specification
    In the paper width 320MM
    All rotary printing area   MAX 300mmX314mm
    Intermittent printing area MAX 300mmX265mm
    Intermittent printing area MIN 300mmX20mm
    Effective length of printing 20mm-314mm
    Printing speed(PAGE/H) The intermittent 12000
    Rated power The host power 22KW
    UVpower 4.8KwX6
    The rated voltage The host three-phase380V±5% 50Hz
    UV three-phase380V±5% 50Hz
    Printing stand 6
    Mechanical dimensions:   Length x width x height (mm) 6500X1200X1800
    total weight         (Kg) 6500