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    Intermittent (full rotation)
    YTL4320-4 uv rotary press

    Technical performance:

      1. This machine adopts the axis control system, can accurately drive the printing unit of each servo motor, so as to realize the optimization control of the machine status;

      2. When using motor with speed automatically put ink, printing without manual adjustment put ink amount, effectively guarantee the unity of the printing ink;

      3. High-speed series of ink and knead ink special ink road at low speed, effectively prevent ink poles and ghost, make more perfect printing quality;

      4.The bottom of the exclusive use of printing gun overall pressure device, can realize the version after the clean version do not need to adjust the pressure, effectively solves the caused by pressure changes
              Branches off color and material waste problem;

      5.Beautiful and easy, high strength cast iron base for high speed and efficient printing provides a reliable guarantee

      6.Special printing roller structure: aluminum cylinder adopts the structure of the three sets of activities, precision fit, sliding combination is advantageous to the unit in high speed
              When turning on the lateral plate of the adjustment, ensure the printing precision, eliminated over the past two group of beating structure due to the bearing clearance。

      7.Stand non-stop can adjust the left and right sides, heaven and earth, make overprint more quick and convenient。

      8.The above structure ensures that the machine for printing synthetic paper, thermal paper, PVC and other special materials, electrostatic membrane adaptability。

                                      Name                                        Specification
    In the paper width 320MM
    All rotary printing area   MAX 300mmX314mm
    Intermittent printing area MAX 300mmX265mm
    Intermittent printing area MIN 300mmX20mm
    Intermittent printing area 20mm-314mm
    Printing speed(PAGE/H) Batch-type 12000
    Rated power The host power 18KW
    UVpower 4.8KwX4
    Nominal voltage Mainframe three-phase380V±5% 50Hz
    UV three-phase380V±5% 50Hz
    Printing stand 4
    Mechanical dimensions:   Length x width x height (mm) 4500X1200X1800
    Total weight         (Kg) 4500